How I Facilitate

I hold space for you in these Courses and hold the Containers for each. I’ll be facilitating the courses and I’m here for you if you have questions during the courses.

In the following courses, you can request classes:

Mastering Silence, Deepening Silence, Pioneering Consciousness

Sessions can be 30 , 45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes long. Up to you!  Always let  me know before hand how long you are choosing your session to be.
It is suggested to request sessions from your facilitator as courses are built with session-support in mind for the student.

No Show/Late

If you are 15 minutes late to a Class we have scheduled, it will automatically become an energy session instead of a call, and I will start sending it to you as a grid referenced session typically immediately.  If we scheduled a 60 minute class, I will be sending a 60 minute energy session in its place.

The exception to this:  When you let me know ahead of time you’ll be late, and it works out for me to push your session


Scheduling Classes

Classes are your responsibility to request that they get scheduled.  Jennifer’ is usually available after 1pm CST Monday through Friday. This means Jennifer won’t come to you to make sure you have all of your hours.  This also means it’s on you to make sure you finish all of your class hours. This is to support your responsibility upgrade.


  • Q.   How soon of notice do I give Jennifer for scheduling Course Session Hours?

    • A. In the very least, book at least a week a head.

    • A. Some people book all their classes/sessions for the month at the beginning of the month to get the best chances on my calendar.

  • Q. What if I don’t have internet for a few days?

    • A. Continue to complete daily practices and ensure you are completing your daily practices until your internet returns.  You'll need a personal timer (such as in phone app) and a way to mark through the practices as you complete them.

    • Also, let me know in advance if you know you won’t have access to internet.

Sobriety Understanding

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