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Master Level Courses are able to be requested by a student after the following prerequisites have been met:

1. Completion of Basic Level Courses

  • Basic Level Courses include, in this order:

    • Acceptance Course (3 weeks)

    • Mastering Silence (6 weeks)

    • Deepening Silence (180 days)

    • Pioneers of Consciousness (8 weeks)

    • Abundant Royalty (4 weeks)​

2. All 3 Basic Level Classes have been completed:

  • Secret to Life (30-60 mins)

  • Field of Consciousness (30-60 mins)

  • Pioneers of Consciousness Activation Writing Class (15-60 mins)

(Please note: As of 2021, for any incoming students, all 3 of these classes are required to be completed by the end of Basic Level Courses in order to graduate.)

And that's it!

After all the above requirements have been met, you are eligible to request Master Level Courses.

If you are curious about payment options as of 2021, please click here.

After completing Master Level of the above courses, you become eligible for the God Level of these same courses. These will be:

  1. God Level Mastering Silence

  2. God Level Deepening Silence

  3. God Level Pioneering Consciousness

  4. God Level Abundant Royalty.

After completing God Level of these same courses AND god level of physical courses, you are eligible for Transcendental Level Courses! These are an entirely different set of Courses altogether.


  • Can any Courses be skipped?

    • A. No

  • Can any levels be skipped?​

    • A. No​

  • Can I move more quickly through courses?

    • This is available to advanced students only.  Advanced students is a paid option for MTVO Explorers and MTVO Members only.​

Sobriety Understanding

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