Changed to reflect MTVO's 2021 updates.*

Coursework is designed to be received while receiving spiritual support such as through sessions and classes.

While some course facilitators offer the option for students to trade class/session time as a way to subtract some of the cost from the total course cost, students are expected to reach out for support throughout, by requesting one or more of these options.

a. Sessions: Majority of MTVO Courses offer a certain number of sessions. These are designed to support you through personal processing by handing you tools you can use in your own free time throughout coursework and beyond that time as well.

  • Mastering Silence: up to 5 hours of sessions

  • Deepening Silence: up to 13 hours of sessions

  • Pioneers of Consciousness: up to 3 hours of sessions.

b. Classes: Students are required to use their offered Session time to receive 3 required classes to prior to completing Basic Level Courses.

  1. Secret to Life

  2. Field of Consciousness

  3. PoC Tech Class (request to receive during Weeks 3-6 of PoC only)

c. Spiritual Technology: Visit for more information

d. Nifty Ninja Tech: Visit for more information

e. Remote Stays: Remote stays are designed to support the student through rapid progression and expansion, through remaining "off-grid" while "fast-tracking" chosen technologies the student feels will help their individual process.
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