You have 4 choices for Course Sessions

These are not available for Acceptance Course or Abundant Royalty Course.

When you are ready to schedule a Class while in MS, DS or PoC, let me know whether you want your class to be one of the following.  Each one is beneficial in their own way.

  1. Skype Call. For these, let me know as soon as possible what days and times you prefer for your class hours to be scheduled and how long per one.  30 minutes, 1 hour, or 90 minutes long. Schedule these at the start of the course when possible!  These do not include video.

  2. Energy Sessions.  During energy sessions, you will set your timer for the specified time and call in the energy session, after I have let you know that the session is ready for you.

  3. Trade for Nifty Ninja Tech.


You can have a mixture of all in your course.  Skype sessions that have been placed on the calendar can change to energy sessions if you request it.  This just means we won’t meet up on Skype, and that I’ll send the session to you to receive energetically.

Q. How much does a Class/Session cost?

  • Free if you are paying the full cost of the course.

  • 25AC per 15 minutes if you committed to completed all 4 Courses back to back and have agreed to trade your hours.

Q. How do I pay for Sessions if I am committing to all 4 Courses back to back?

A. Sessions are already paid for in the total cost of what's owed for your course.  Any unused session hours can be subtracted from the total cost of your course.

  • Ex: MS costs 999.  If you only use 1of the 5 session hours that come with that course, your total amount owed will change to 599 after you complete MS.

Sobriety Understanding

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