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This is a learn-as-you-go self-discovery course which is designed to be taken at your own pace. It includes 4 sets of 56 activations. The first set is called Expanding Consciousness. It’s purpose is to expand you out of the illusion, to assist in experiencing a truthful authentic self. The second set is called Understanding Consciousness, which is a course designed to bring into understanding the Authentic Self and awaken that in this reality as well as all others. The 3rd part of this course is called Mastering Consciousness. It is here we begin to fine tune who we are in daily life and step into a more authentic, perfect existence with each passing day. The final is God Consciousness. This is designed to restore the awareness of the Omni and beyond. This final phase is with out space and words. As such, I will leave it as this: It is the I AM course.

Cost: $13 per activation
Requirements: None
Time to complete: At your own pace
Activations are all 11 minutes long