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This course is for Ascended Masters and Ascended Masters in training. We will be going on an adventure outside the illusion over the next 6 weeks as we remember the 3 levels of silence: Environment, Mind, and Heart. We will come into a level of mastery of these levels of silence through activations, coaching sessions, and homework designed to open the doors of the illusion and free ourselves from the slavery of the Ego.

It is a huge commitment of time and a huge responsibility which breaks down as:

Week one: 1 hour daily homework
3 hours & 3 minutes weekly homework

Week two: 1hour & 3 minutes daily homework
3 hours & 13 minutes weekly homework

Week three: 1 hour & 3 minutes daily homework
3 hours & 17 minutes weekly homework

Week four: 1 hour & 24 minutes daily homework
4 hours & 3 minutes weekly homework

Week five: 2 hours & 52 minutes daily homework
5 hours & 6 minutes weekly homework

Week six: 4 hours & 14 minutes daily homework
3 hour & 39 minutes weekly homework

Total commitment: 112 hours and 34 minutes

How to Request this Course:

1. Log into using your account information.

2. Click Courses.

3. Click Basic Level Courses

4. Click the course you want to request.

5. Request the course from the course facilitator you want to receive it from.

6. The facilitator will accept/deny the course request.

7. Once the course facilitator accepts the course request the student will have the ability to pay for the course in Ascension Credits.

8. The facilitator will press the button that allows the student to start the course.

9. The student starts the course when they are ready.

They'll have up to 24 hours (with an 8 hour buffer) to complete each day's practices.

Sobriety Understanding

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