Mastering Silence can be taken after Acceptance Course is complete.​

Supplies Required Before You Begin
Have these ready to be used for the entirety of the 6 week Course.  The first two are required while in Deepening Silence (the Course that follow Mastering Silence.)

  1. Candles (tea light candles work)​​
    - You will need more for Deepening Silence as well.

  2. A mirror (preferably full body)
    - You will need one for Deepening Silence as well.

  3. A way to take a bath prior to Mastering Silence
    (If this isn’t possible, let me know. I can provide suggestions.)

  4. Some crystals
    (These crystals are for the Pre-Mastering Silence bath and will be described for what you need before you can take the bath.)

Prerequisites for Mastering Silence

  • Acceptance Course completion while passing.

  • Crimson 1-3.

  • An understanding of how much time is required during Mastering Silence. It is a very time-involved Course so be ready.

    • Check out the time requirement here.

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