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In order to become an MTVO Member, you must spend time being Sponsored by an MTVO Facilitator. 

  1. Your first step to becoming an MTVO Member is to let me know you would like me to sponsor you.

  2. I will provide you with information that includes a checklist that is required in order to become an MTVO Member.

  • This includes Activations from​​

  • This also includes completing all of Basic Level Courses.

  • After completing all 4 Spiritual Courses of a level with me, I will provide my suggestion to MTVO on whether I feel you are ready to become an MTVO Member. ​

It is not easy to become an MTVO Member. Some people will become an MTVO Member after they go through the application process. Some will not.


Jen's MTVO Sponsorship Requirements:
Being sponsored by any facilitator is not a guarantee that you will become an MTVO Member. It is just a requirement to become an MTVO Member

  1. Acceptance Course completion (facilitated by Jennifer Earnest)

  2. It is important you enter into coursework because you feel called to enter into Coursework and not solely so that you can become an MTVO Member.

  3. Complete the questionnaire.

  4. Commitment to complete MS, DS, PoC, & AR back-to-back with no time in between, facilitated by Jennifer Earnest.

Learn about MTVO & MTVO Courses at

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