Understanding Sobriety

Sobriety is an absolute requirement while you are taking any MTVO course. Failure to abide by this rule will result in an automatic failure of the course you are taking, with no refunds, and with the understanding that you will continue to owe the remaining cost of the failed Course, if prorating.


Here is a list of substances that students are prohibited from using:

  • Alcohol: 0

    • Liquor, beer, wine, spirits, food with alcohol, and any alcoholic beverages: 0

    • Kombucha: 0

    • Tinctures and extracts containing alcohol: 0

    • If you drink non-alcoholic wine or beer, make sure it contains 0.0% alcohol content. Most non-alcoholic wines & beers contain 0.5% alcohol.

  • Marijuana: 0

  • THC: <0.09%

  • Psychedelics/Hallucinogens: 0

  • Tobacco: 0

  • Plant Medicine: 0

    • Ayahuasca: 0

    • Marijuana: 0

    • Mescaline: 0

    • Peyote: 0

    • Psilocybin Mushrooms: 0

    • Kava Kava: 0

    • If you think it is a plant medicine, do not do it.

  • Prescriptions:

  • If you are concerned that a prescription violates the sobriety rule, contact your Facilitator right away.


If you break the sobriety rule intentionally or accidentally, let Jennifer know ASAP. 


Traces of Alcohol

Some consumable products are made with flavorings and extracts that contain alcohol. If the food or drink has undergone cooking or baking, then the alcohol will have evaporated and the item is generally considered alcohol-free. If the item has not been heated, then the alcohol has most likely not had the chance to evaporate. Refrain from consuming the item.


For example, vanilla extract contains the same alcoholic proof as many types of hard liquor. Some liquid sweeteners also contain alcohol and should be avoided.


Many perfumes and beauty products also contain alcohol. Synthetic perfumes in particular have a high percentage of alcohol, and we advise against using them.

Sobriety Between Courses

You are required to be continuously sober for a minimum of:

  • 21 days prior to Basic Level courses

  • 2 days prior to Acceptance Course

  • Non-stop while in Courses

  • It is suggested to commit to a non-stop sober lifestyle once beginning MTVO Courses.


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