The first Course you will receive is called Acceptance Course. Read below to learn more.

Please read every page including this one from the Course Info Packet before requesting the Mastering Silence Course.

Acceptance Description

This course was formed to open a greater level of acceptance in your daily life and to remember the divine flow of creation in your beingness. It is 3 weeks long and has 3 activations and can be taken as many times as you feel. Each time this course is repeated it will take you into a deeper level of acceptance with the world inside and around you.
-Cost: $42 or 42 AC.


-Sobriety 48 hours or more prior to starting (Scroll to orange section entitled Sobriety Rules.

-Crimson 1-3 activations are complete

Cost for Acceptance Course

$42/42 Ascension Credits

Does this course include Classes/Sessions?


How it Works

Jennifer will create a Facebook Group or Google Doc called Acceptance, that will be Private. Only you and Jennifer will be in this Facebook Group or Doc. Each week, Jennifer will post the practices you’re required to complete for that week (such as week 1 practices, week 2 practices, and week 3 practices.)  Each day you are required to write a daily post that includes the Week, the day, and whether you have completed your practices for that day or not, as well as what practices you missed.

Course Rules

  1. Never be driving a vehicle while doing practices in this course or the other following courses.

  2. Sobriety is required 100% throughout.  Read the Sobriety Rules here.

  3. Practices cannot be combined.  If you have two timed practices, never do them simultaneously.

    • Meaning, if you have a 5 minute practice and a 3 minute practice, you cannot set a timer for 8 minutes (the combined total) and do them both in that time frame.  This also means you cannot be receiving an activation with a practice. Receive/do them at different times from each other.

  4. It’s required that you use a count-down timer for all practices that have a required amount of minutes for them.  Never use a clock.

  5. If you miss a practice, you are required to let the Facilitator know in the course-container/facebook group.

  6. If you have a question about the course you’re in, or an expression to share and are in a course, post it in the facebook group. The facebook group is there for discussions involving the course, and your expressions you want help around.


Q. If I miss a practice, or miss some practices, can I finish them the next day?

A. No, you cannot. All daily practices are due on the same day, before your day ends.

Q. If I don’t write a daily post until the following day, is that a missed practice?

A. Yes it is. Daily posts are part of your daily practices.

Q. What happens if I miss too many practices? 

A. You will fail the week you are working on for that Course you are in.  You can re-do the week with a fee. If you miss *any* practices, I suggest self-forgiveness work to let go of what drew you (internally) to miss the commitment you made with yourself.

Q. What happens if I don’t receive all of the activations I was sent while in the course that come with the course (Like Acceptance 1,2, and 3?) by the time I finish the course?

A. You will fail the course.  In order to get a passing grade for the Course you just finished, you will have to retake the course completely.


What Acceptance is a Prerequisite for:

Mastering Silence - 6 weeks - $999

Deepening Silence - 6 - 30 day Cycles - $2376 (180 days total.)

Pioneering Consciousness - 8 weeks - $1111

Abundant Royalty - 4 weeks - $222
Acceptance Course is a prerequisite for these. These courses are taken in order and none can be skipped.  After you complete these courses, you’re eligible for the Master level of these same courses, then God Level.
Note: Course pricing you see above is when the Courses are taken one at a time. If you are going to commit to take all of the courses back to back, we can discuss a different price.

How to Pay:

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