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The first Course you will receive is called Acceptance Course. Read below to learn more.

Please read every page including this one from the Course Info Packet before requesting the Mastering Silence Course.

Acceptance Description

This course was formed to open a greater level of acceptance in your daily life and to remember the divine flow of creation in your beingness. It is 3 weeks long and has 3 activations and can be taken as many times as you feel. Each time this course is repeated it will take you into a deeper level of acceptance with the world inside and around you.
-Cost: $42 or 42 AC.


7 Days of Sobriety. (Please view Personal Prerequisites in Course Info Packet for an understanding of what we define as "sober," and also to see any extra requirements to work with Jennifer in this course.

-Crimson 1-3 activations are complete

Cost for Acceptance Course

$42/42 Ascension Credits

Does this course include Classes/Sessions?


How to Request this Course:

1. Log into using your account information.

2. Click Courses.

3. Click Basic Level Courses

4. Click the course you want to request.

5. Request the course from the course facilitator you want to receive it from.

6. The facilitator will accept/deny the course request.

7. Once the course facilitator accepts the course request the student will have the ability to pay for the course in Ascension Credits.

8. The facilitator will press the button that allows the student to start the course.

9. The student starts the course when they are ready.

They'll have up to 24 hours (with an 8 hour buffer) to complete each day's practices.


What Acceptance is a Prerequisite for:

Mastering Silence - 6 weeks - $999

Deepening Silence - 6 - 30 day Cycles - $2376 (180 days total.)

Pioneering Consciousness - 8 weeks - $1111

Abundant Royalty - 4 weeks - $222
Acceptance Course is a prerequisite for these. These courses are taken in order and none can be skipped.  After you complete these courses, you’re eligible for the Master level of these same courses, then God Level.
Note: Course pricing you see above is when the Courses are taken one at a time. If you are going to commit to take all of the courses back to back, we can discuss a different price.

How to Pay:

Courses are  now able to be paid via Ascension Credits directly on once the course is applied for and accepted by the facilitator. (See FAQ section to understand Ascension Credits.)

Sobriety Understanding

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