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1. Activations: Crimson 1-3, Turquoise 1-5, Codes of Mary 1 & 2 (Visit to get an account in order to request these activations from a facilitator on the website. All of these activations are on love donation.
2. Sobriety: Sober from all forms of alcohol, drugs, and marijuana, including all hallucinogenics, for medicinal and non-medicinal purposes, 100% as a student of mine, on-going, non-stop, and a minimum of 3 days prior to starting this work with me.
If you're unsure about whether something falls in this list, let me know.
3. Courses: Acceptance Course (This is a 3 week course. For more information visit and click the Courses link. This page will tell you the price and who the current available Facilitators for this Course are. You're not required to receive this from me but you can, if I have room/time available. This course teaches self-commitment on a more in depth level than Life alone provides, hence it's importance. Being able to take care of ones' self spiritually is an important part of what Tantra is about.

Once the Prerequisites are complete, schedule an over-the-phone meeting with Jennifer Earnest. From there, you will be able to arrange your initial Tantra meeting, and learn about Tantra over-time with Jennifer.

Why are these prerequisites necessary?: In 2019, in order for me to facilitate to the best of my ability involving Tantra, I only want to work with those who are truly committed and ready for next-level understanding. While I'm aware that this will weed out a lot of potential students, I'm grateful that I will get to work with students who want to work on themselves at this level. :)

Who: This is for all genders, couples, and ages.

What: Tantra is listening, opening, and challenging the body to be in its purest form of connection of who you are while the body listens and remembers who you are through expansion and moving forward.

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