Practices & Countdown Timers

Most course practices involve a timer. You can use whatever count-down timer you have for these.  If there is a time next to the practice, then a timer is required.

  • Acceptable Timers: (What you can use)

    • A handheld countdown timer​

    • A phone's built-in countdown timer

    • An app countdown timer

  • Unacceptable Timers: (What you cannot use)

    • A clock​

    • Nothing

  • One at a Time: You may not do more than one timed practice simultaneously, including practices from other Courses.

    • You may not receive activations or tech while doing practices.​

  • No Combining: You may never combine practices into one set timer:

    • Example: If you have a 5 minute practice an a 3 minute practice, do not set your timer for 8 minutes to complete both back-to-back.  This will be counted as a failed practice.​

  • No Order: Practices do not have a certain order they must be finished in, unless the practice description mentions an order.

  • Timing: Practices can be spread out throughout the day or done back to back. This is completely up to you. 

Completion Requirement

All daily practices including the daily post are due by the end of your day. Days cannot be prolonged, (for example not sleeping does not prolong a day.) 


Missed Practices

Enough missed practices in a day/week/course can lead to failing the course-week or course-cycle you are working on.  


Restarting a Week or Cycle

If you fail a Course Week or Course Cycle for any reason, there is an $11 fine to restart the week/cycle you are on.  You cannot pass the course unless every week is passed. 

After this restart, another restart will increase in price. A third restart will also increase in price.​

Marking off Practices

You are required to mark off practices as you complete them.

  • Some people write all their practices down and mark a line through them as they complete them.

  • Some print off a copy of their practices for each day and mark them off that sheet as they complete each one.

  • Some people use an app that lets them check/mark off practices as they go! 

  • This task being added on will lead to greater internal reward factor.

  • Most importantly, this will ensure your full awareness around whether or not you have completed all of your practices, by the end of each day/week.

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