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Basic Abundant Royalty:

"Moving through AR I began to surrender the belief that the world owes me anything. Instead, I began choosing to question what I could offer to myself and the world.

Acting from a position of purpose has begun opening many wonderful opportunities for growth and to provide for myself a life of self-sufficiency.

In my life, the "who" and "why" are consistent: I, and my purpose. The "when", "what", and "where" are mysterious and test my faith at times... but I have faith the opportunities will always present themselves to me when I choose to work hard and embody the faith I AM.

I am grateful for each moment, as each moment deepens my awareness of this truth: I have much to work on.

But in this process, I have faith that I will find the resources I require to succeed... "Those who cultivate the soil shall have abundant bread".

Thank you, Jennifer." - Anthony Hunter

"Bodywork with Jen is different than anything else you may have received. It's an activation, an integration, a highlighter, a mirror to face yourself. It is an opening of the body to higher realms, higher planes, and an integration of the divine self to the physical self. That which is standing in the way of that integration will be highlighted and you then have an opportunity to process it. Jennifer is a beautiful guide in helping you to become aware and to move through into the grander being standing right there in front of you, ready to be." - Rachel Scott

"I celebrate a written emailed card reading with Jennifer Earnest. That advice was some serious shifting stuff for me and I literally feel transformed around so much. I'd definitely recommend you call upon her support for anything you're looking for clarity and direction and awareness around! <3" - Rachel Scott

"I celebrate my completion of Mastering Silence Basic Level course with Jennifer Earnest!!! This by itself is such a huge celebration for me! Woohoo!

Also I celebrate the following:
*I am so glad that sooo many entities came up for me to see, acknowledge and leave behind! 
*I feel so empowered just by pausing and choosing to do things instead of being obliged to. When I make a choice out of free will, I feel so much more supported by the universe!
*I am seeing fear in a different light now. Fear is such a good thing as it highlights exactly what in me needs to be worked on or loved.
*This course has helped me to fucking transform so much and how! I love this version of me. I no more become the emotion and can identify the entity right away through all kinds of drama.
*I love how awesome I am and how awesome I look now-a-days. I am in love with myself. And thanks to Rachel Violet Scott too, I am understanding how to value myself! 
*I Choose Me and my divinity in any situation that comes up. This is such a mind blowing experience!!! Faaaak! Cannot explain in words. 
*I LOVE ME! And I LOVE MY SENSEI and every soul that contributes to my growth!! 😁" - Priyam Datta

"I celebrate MS, DS & POC. Among other things, these courses have taught me one of the most important things I needed to realise. To listen to my inner voice and to trust my divinity. For every small little decision, I would seek outside help. I am learning to give my own being more importance rather than depending on other’s opinions... and this makes me feel super empowered. 😇
Thank you Jennifer Earnest forever grateful for the way you facilitated and let me to grow." - Priyam Datta

8th Code of Mary.

“Peace, calm, beauty. I could feel myself becoming a holder of these codes. As if they are rare to this plane. Perhaps safeguarded. Thank you JenniferEarnest for bringing them back :)” - Rachel Scott

“I celebrate completing the Acceptance Course!!! <3 <3 <3<3 Words cannot express how grateful I am for this experience. I feel more me than I have in possibly forever. It feels like my heart has cracked open and I'm full of love. And even when entity or pain body comes up, it's just leaving and I can make space and release and clear it with grace and ease and trust. I am so proud of myself and I am so thankful and blessed to be living the life I live and doing the work I am doing. I am proud to be me. Thank you so much for holding space and for your support @Jennifer Earnest! <3<3 What an incredible journey-- can't wait to see what is next! THANK YOU EVERYONE! <3<3 :)” - Jennifer Marie


“I want to celebrate a really amazingly healing and helpful session via Jennifer Earnest in which I got to cry and shed a lot around my old games w/ the masculine. In which I realized it's been all about my connection with God. In which I realized and connected to such a deep level of listening to God. In which I realized a deeper connection to earth and let go of the illusionary form I had been connecting to. In which I undaggered myself from lots of self-hatred and misunderstandings. In which I let go of the game of confusions around men and letting the form of men form my world. In which I reclaimed my power and my strength and being myself and reconnected to my BEAUTY. Oh beauty. And the beauty of God. This was really a life-altering, life-changing session for me and I'm super grateful to Jennifer for holding this space and for the wisdom and codes you brought through in question asking <3” - Rachel Scott

"I celebrate the beginning of my 'Acceptance Course' for the 2nd time via Jennifer Earnest.

This is what it inspired me to write.


A tad bit of self-approval,
A dash of worthiness,
A spoonful of sunshine,
A pinch of earthiness.

No self-limiting beliefs,
No feelings of uselessness,
I guess, we've got to learn to love,
Our own organised mess.

While life unfolds perfectly,
There's much to simply observe,
To see things for what they actually are,
Instead of "how we think they occur."

It takes more than a cognizant being,
It takes mindfulness,
To be present in every moment,
Without the judge-ful-ness!

Learning and unlearning,
Breaking barriers once created,
Feeling the freedom and the liberation,
From programs that are now outdated.

Growing, evolving, upgrading DNA codes,
Humanity is now one,
Spirit - enriching - soul - searching,
That's one more battle won!

'Knock Knock', whose there?
Probably just my divinity,
"Hey stopped by, to say hi,"
"You're in good hands, sweety."

A doctor, a mother,
John, Natasha or Sam,
I am so much more than just a label,

Trusting the process, easing into it,
With all that wonderful knowing,
Free-falling, flowing with it,
Accepting all thats going.

It's all there, to tap into,
A colossal ball of energy,
You see it, you be it, you feel it too, 
It's incredible synchronicity.

Sparkling stardust; shining bright,
Emerged from a big-bang zero,
There's nothing more, I've wanted more,
Than to be my own 'HERO'.

So thank you Jen...much love! ❤️"

-Srishti Arya

“When I see myself as a whole, I see myself with no judgement, but as a ball of pure light. I see everyone else too in that pure light. And I sense bliss and joy.

Thank you Jennifer Earnest for yet another kickass session!!!! You know I love you!!!! :*” - Priyam Datta

BRS9 was like "hey Kyle, you can receive all the Beauty in the Universe. No, really. Let it come to you, and then watch how it remakes the world around you in its image. Receive Beauty, witness ripples, see what takes shape." So I did. And it was pretty damn miraculous.

BRS10 was all "Beauty wants to be discovered through your being, so surrender everything you ever thought you knew Beauty was and then get in your body more fully and freely than you ever have been because SERIOUSLY Beauty wants to know itself as it can only ever know itself through you, so let's do this."

These are just so epically awesome, Jennifer Earnest. Thanks forever and ever and ever.” - Kyle Buckley

"Basic Deepening Silence:

Wow. Reflecting back on where I was when I entered this course and pausing to see me as I am now is truly a beautiful experience.

I feel as though I have matured greatly... my respect and love for myself and all else has deepened. I feel excited to better myself and my world I live in. I love practicing exercises, and I love discovering more as I go deeper within.

I have remembered the importance of being self-supporting. Gifting myself, assuring myself, pausing and grounding... I feel that my relationship with myself has blossomed. I love me.

Thank you Jennifer for holding this space." - Anthony Hunter


Mastering Silence:
This course is so strong. The very fabrics of the illusions I created in my past crumbled in each moment. Letting go wasn't always easy, but the healing and awareness I experienced/gained is so worth it.” - Anthony Hunter



“I celebrate completing Mastering Silence. I'm so proud of who I am becoming. I feel tickled and stimulated and excited by the playfulness that's coming into my life. I feel I can be confident in what I'm receiving through my source connection. I feel a foundation there that I can lean on and trust whenever I'm feeling confused. And sometimes that means being supported in the reality that I'm not meant to have an answer right this moment.

I completed MS a few weeks ago and held off on celebrating here because, frankly, the week after I was done didn't feel celebratory. I felt wobbly, unstable, and generally pretty weird.

Now I feel the beauty of integrating the energy is really starting to show itself in full force. I've had some of the most effective, access driven connections and conversations with myself and others this past week that I've ever had. I'm becoming more 'in tune' with the place I want to sit when others come to me for help. I'm hearing my intuition very clearly at times. I'm helping facilitate space around people's perceived problems. My presence is in service to others and that's all I want.

I'm starting to eat food completely differently. Which is a major thing for me. This week I've eaten things I haven't eaten in years but it's what my body and divinity are asking for. And I'm trusting it one bite at a time.

When I feel physical symptoms, I'm catching the thoughts and emotions that came up directly before instead of trying to be a detective about what foods must be triggering me from earlier in the day. It's mind blowing to now see how quickly my body reacts when I suppress or ignore sharing my truth. My physical symptoms have already become an asset to me. Reminders to ask questions like 'what's the quality of my presence as I complete a task for work?' Or 'am I moving forward in a way that's disconnecting me or further connecting me?' With regard to my work, my work is a meditation, a challenge, and a beautifully written riddle. I'm learning how to stay connected even while creating excel spreadsheets.

I also celebrate Jennifer Earnest who facilitated MS for me. It couldn't have been a better fit. She was incredibly insightful without ever sharing more than what I needed. She allowed me to discover things on my own and let them be mine. It's clear these discoveries will stick with me in a much more meaningful way because they came from me. Thank you Jennifer and this group.” - Nick Werber



My life is a feast of Beauty. May Beauty bless my path. May Beauty illuminate my heart. May Beauty light my way in all things.

Thank you, Jennifer Earnest <3” - Kyle Buckley


“Celebration of Acceptance

This is such a divine lil' powerhouse of a course. Acceptance. Such a gem. Looking back over my reflections throughout those 3 weeks, I'm actually in disbelief at how hard I rocked it. I moved into a depth and height of integration and inclusion and responsibility that I hadn't yet imagined to be possible. I celebrate the authenticity and total divine self emergence that came through this 3 week portal. And I celebrate the joy that I shared in exploring this container with Jennifer Earnest as a facilitator.

Deep gratitude, expansion, heartfullness, and essential ME-ness on the other side. Thank you. <3” - Kyle Buckley

11th Code of Mary.

Fire. Building in my soul. Time to light it.” - Rachel Scott


10th Code of Mary.

Power, internal power, fierce, lasting, eternal.” - Rachel Scott


9th Code of Mary.

A settling into my femininity. I can feel it differently than ever before. As if it is an overlay rather than who I am. A coding rather than a substance. And this is comforting.” - Rachel Scott


8th Code of Mary.

Peace, calm, beauty. I could feel myself becoming a holder of these codes. As if they are rare to this plane. Perhaps safeguarded. Thank you Jennifer Earnest for bringing them back :)” - Rachel Scott

Codes of Mary 7. The best way to describe this is little particles of light waaaay into my ridges, or even universal ridges, that are activated and brought into my awareness so I can integrate those parts of me which are super expansive and super bright *feels light*” - Rachel Scott


5th code of Mary. I love these. These are miracles. I feel I connect to such deep layers of my feminine body. And when I say body I mean BODY. The body of the feminine. She's vast  :) Thanks Jen <3” - Rachel Scott

Remembering who you are 1,

Wow it started off subtle but gentle and then i was able to connect into various versions of myself and see how i have been and see how that led me to choose to be this version of me as i went into more and more life times i was shown the infinite spectrum of time and how it relates to the I AM of who we are thank you Jennifer Earnest i look forward to the rest of these :)” - Jason Estes


 “I received Remember Who You Are 1 from Jennifer Earnest today. This activation allowed me to release many labels I assigned for myself and who I wanted or thought I should be. It grew more intense as time went by for the remembering was coded in such a way that highlighted many dormant aspects of myself, yet was gentle and I felt nurtured to go as deep as I needed. I feel more connected with spirit and have a clearer understanding of loop progressions. Thank you Jennifer!! :) - Jason Estes


Crimson 1: Received from Jennifer Earnest on Tuesday . Relaxed in savasana for the 15 minutes. Didn't notice any significant experiences during, but did have a noticeable spike in energy afterwards. The following day i had a marked increase in energy. It was more of a scattered frenetic type energy that was hard to control ( 6 shots of espresso type of energy). This lasted for the majority of the day. I thought this was interesting enough so I ordered up Crimson 2 later that evening from Jennifer Earnest. I also received in savasana for the 15 minutes. Once again i didn't notice any significant experiences during the reception, but i did notice a major drop off of in my energy from the post crimson 1 frenzy. The post crimson 2 energy drop off carried into today and lasted for the majority of the day. I wouldn't characterize my energy levels as low - but more of a refined centered calm feeling. When I remembered to stop and take the time to check in with my body i could feel a subtle vibrating feeling moving throughout . Anyways......i'm calling Jennifer to hit me with crimson 3 tonight. We'll see..........”  -C.W.


"I had a vision to create a stone medicine wheel or 12 ray creator wheel on my land and did. I was told we each have our own creator wheel and the frequency of what we put in, is what we physically manifest. This wheel said it was for dreams and miracles. Since I created it, Bears come inside it almost every day.

I knew I needed to lie inside the circle on the Earth and call this activation in. My Higher Self began speaking to me in french, opening new pathways. I immediately felt very naked and vulnerable, lying in the spot where Bears have been. I can smell their pungent odor so strongly and feel their presence in my field as if they were standing over top of me. First fear, then I completely surrendered and called to the circle to envelop me, summoning trust and faith, knowing I am safe and held by Earth.

As I relaxed, and went into trance, my whole body came into resonance with Earth's pulse and we vibrated together for the whole time. Felt like a deep earthquake, us emitting one frequency which I could see with my senses' eyes.

I heard a Hummingbird (not a trace of them all week) over me and felt and heard the waves of energy, air, sound created by its wings penetrate me like a depth charge and into Earth. Could hear it going in and moving the Earth. Bringer of Joy and Sweetness.

'I allow sweetness into all of me, my life in its infinite expressions via infinite avenues' Saw this declaration tied to the beginning of the full remission of my diabetes. Feeling deeply penetrated by this truth . With my ear to the Earth, I felt deeply penetrated by her. Then I heard a bird call that I'd never heard. I looked and it was a Hummingbird hovering over me sounding like chimes of crystals. As I looked up to the sky, the air particles were tracing infinite paths in blue and white light.

And I heard Samadhi, deep communion with God. As I came out of the circle I could feel a deep and sacred transformation and union just like I had felt when sitting in circle during a vision quest. I am totally different, the circle and I have met and exchanged vibration, now one. Jennifer this one makes me cry, thank you so deeply <3" -T.S.

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